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Chianti Superiore, this is the name of a superior type of Chianti with respect to the normal one, because it is produced from vines that are not very productive and with higher quality requisitions.

Fattoria del Colle has always produced Chianti until in 1997 the new superior type was born and Donatella Cinelli Colombini decided to wager on it using the grapes from the best vineyards and producing a wine able to tell the Tuscan tradition. She had a new label designed with three goblets, symbol of the village of Trequanda where Fattoria del Colle is found. A label with strong colours that recalls the banners from mediaeval tournaments. It is in southern Tuscany, 404 m above sea level. The soil is of early quaternary era with seas sands and clays. The vineyards were planted on the top of hills in ventilated positions well exposed to the sun.

The 2020 harvest is the second of an incredible series of 4 consecutive super harvests. Never before had southern Tuscany
enjoyed such a golden age. Obviously, there is the reverse side of the medal: the last three were harvested with very few

Chianti Superiore 2020 is characterized by its richer, finer and more satisfying aromas than usual. These derive from the
big difference in temperature between night and day which defined the entire maturation period.

The total production of this wine in the 2020 vintage is about 16.000 bottles.

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