Grappa di Brunello invecchiata


The Brunello grappa by Donatella Cinelli Colombini a is distilled in the stills belonging to Distilleria Santa Teresa dei Fratelli Marolo Srl. Discontinuous stills are used for the distillation, with double boiler system: small quantities and lengthy operations, that respect the raw materials and give the grappa a noble character.

For the distillation discontinuous stills are used so as to make a distilled product that can tell of the unique characteristics of the Sangiovese, that exalts the typical aromas of this grape variety, and that allows for the expression of a unique and personal character, always traceable back to Montalcino

The fermented Brunello di Montalcino lees used to make this grappa arrive directly from Casato Prime Donne. After the distillation procedure the grappa is aged 6 months in oak casks.

The colour is golden and the aroma is fine, intense, and frank, with net hints of the grapes. In the mouth it is harmonious, persistent, complex in the retro-nasal sensations. The softness in the mouth comes from the barrel ageing.


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500 ml

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