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Passito da uve Traminer


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This is a unique wine, that is very important for Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s family, because it her husband Carlo’s wine!

In 2010 Carlo, encouraged by the cellar master Barbara Magnani, who also loves fine sweet wines decided to buy the baskets for drying out the grapes, a small vat and an oak barrel for the Passito…. All done on the quiet because the wife was not in agreement! For this production Barbara and Carlo decide to use Traminer grapes from the small vineyard behind the chapel at Fattoria del Colle. This was planted in 1970 with a variety not usually found in Tuscany but in Northern Italy. However at 404 metres above sea level with an eastern exposition, the grapes come perfectly.

A handmade production in the vineyard and in the cellar where the craftsmanship of the execution reaches extraordinary levels of quality and distinctive personality.

The result …less than 600 375Cl bottles. Something very exclusive and handcrafted that we like to share with those who like Carlo know how to appreciate high quality sweet wines.

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375 ml

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