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The Vin Santo DOC Chianti is the most prestigious and most successful out of the dessert wine project desired by Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s husband, Carlo Gardini.


Vin Santo del Chianti is produced with dried grapes that remain in barrel for more than 10 years. It is the most important oldest sweet wine from Tuscany. Legend has it that during the Council of Florence in 1439 sumptuous banquets were organized where the Greek Cardinal  Giovanni Bessarione also took part, tasting this wine e supposedly said: <<Questo è il vino di Xantos!>>  (this wine is the wine of Xantos) with reference to an island where particularly appreciated sweet wines were produced . From that day the vino Xantos, later called Vin Santo, is the name of this delicious Tuscan sweet wine.


The grapes are picked by hand at the beginning of the harvest choosing the clusters one by one and putting them into plastic crates with slits. The drying out takes place naturally in the sun. In December the clusters were de-stemmed and vinified.

Those who visit Fattoria del Colle, where this wine is produced, can visit the Vin Santo loft under the roof of the XVIth century villa. Here, the wine remains for more than 10 years in caratelli (small barrels that contain from 50-200 lt), hermetically shut, while the summer heat and the winter cold put into act the ageing as desired by the Tuscan tradition. In the end the Vin Santo that comes out of the caratelli really is a small amount, much less than 35% foreseen by the Chianti rules. For this reasons the bottles belonging to this selection are so small and there are so few. This is something exclusive and refined to be given only to those who know how to appreciate it.

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2002, 2007

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