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Every family has its history and in Tuscany every family has it’s Vin Santo…our Vin Santo room is a loft in the 16th century villa at Fattoria del Colle where the attics are filled with  Vin Santo barrels called “caratelli”  where the wine ages.

Walking through the barrel ageing cellar and then up a staircase it is possible to reach the attic where in the winter it is very cold and in the summer very hot. Here in the caratelli is where the light coloured liquid, pressed from dried grapes, ages for more than 10 years. Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s Vin Santo is produced only in special years and only in 1,000 bottles.

Last year the Vin Santo del Chianti produced at Fattoria del Colle obtained 95/100 from Robert Parker/Wine Advocate. A great success that we hope will repeat itself in the future. We suggest to not dunk biscuits in the Vin Santo. It is a popular custom greatly used all over Tuscany but it alters the aroma and taste of the wine.

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