Sanchimento IGT Toscana Bianco


Sanchimento comes from the Traminer grapes of the organic vineyard next to the Fattoria del Colle chapel and has always remained in
this Tuscan company where it was vinified, aged and refined in the bottle.


Sanchimento IGT 2022 is a BIO (organic) wine in which nature and creativity are combined with amazing results. It contains Traminer
grapes, a Nordic vine not widespread in Tuscany which, at Fattoria del Colle, receives assiduous care in the vineyard, in the manual
harvest and in the cellar.
Here after three years of experimentation, they have developed a very particular vinification. Part of the grapes were fermented with the orange system (in the presence of skins and without the addition of yeasts) in an orcio (jar) from Impruneta, the place from which the most famous terracotta’s in Tuscany come from. The wine remained closed in this container until almost bottling time when it was combined with the Sanchimento produced with the traditional method.

The wine is complex, intense and at the same time fresh to the point of being able to accompany the entire meal.


It is a small series of only 1050 specimens produced in an excellent and particularly scarce harvest of grapes.

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750 ml



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