Passito da uve di Traminer Aromatico Limited Edition


New look for Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s organic passito 2018, made with organic traminer aromatico grapes. It is a very small series of 364 bottles enshrined in precious cases designed ad hoc, that enanche it’s character of exclusivity and preciousness..


The passito was born from Carlo Gardini ‘s apassion, Donatella’s husband together with the cellar master Barbara Magnani created this unique wine. It is obtained from Traminer Aromatico grapes from the vineyard surrounding the chapel of Fattoria del Colle, a vineyard whose vines were planted in 1970 and which have had organic certification since 2018. The passito is produced in a very artisanal way: the harvest is manual, the bunches are placed in perforated boxes of 5 kg each where they dry in the sun.

Each bottle is numbered by hand, on the back label, as if it were a lithograph, resembling a work of art, each bottle has a certificate of authenticity that allows you to trace the passage of ownership of the wine till the moment in which the bottle is opened. The first signature obviously is that of Donatella.


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Weight 1,5 kg

375 ml



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